Leading forex and CFD broker Afterprime has announced a game-changing collaboration with PrimeXM and TRAction, aiming to revolutionize trade reporting efficiency and accuracy for its clients. This exciting partnership brings together the expertise of TRAction, a renowned provider of regulatory reporting solutions, and PrimeXM, a leader in advanced trading technology.

The new integration seamlessly extracts data directly from PrimeXM’s platform, enabling Afterprime to generate precise and timely trade reports. This eliminates the need for manual data entry and reduces the operational burden associated with compliance, freeing up valuable resources for Afterprime to focus on its core strengths – offering best-in-class pricing and exceptional customer service.

“This collaboration has made setting up EMIR and MIFIR reporting for our CySEC entity a breeze,” enthused Jeremy Kinstlinger, co-Founder of Afterprime. “It allows us to maintain our focus on providing best-in-class pricing and top-notch customer service.”

The combined expertise of PrimeXM and TRAction provides a powerful solution for Afterprime and its clients. PrimeXM’s XCore technology, known for its efficiency and transparency, ensures smooth data extraction and reporting. TRAction’s comprehensive suite of services, including data conversion and submission to regulatory authorities, guarantees compliance with even the most complex regulations.

This partnership is a significant step forward for Afterprime, demonstrating its commitment to providing a superior trading experience for its clients. By streamlining trade reporting, Afterprime can dedicate more resources to offering competitive pricing, innovative products, and exceptional customer support, solidifying its position as a leading player in the forex and CFD market.

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