• ATFX integrates PriceOn from TraderTools, enhancing global trading efficiency.
  • New AI-driven technology to provide superior execution and competitive pricing for clients.

ATFX, a prominent broker in retail FX and CFDs, has recently announced a significant upgrade to its global trading infrastructure through the integration of PriceOn from TraderTools. This strategic move aims to streamline and optimize the management of trading flows for both institutional and retail clients.

The integration of PriceOn enables ATFX to effectively handle complex trading flows, ensuring efficient matching of institutional and retail client orders without compromising on execution quality. This advanced technology represents a pivotal step towards enhancing profitability and operational efficiency within ATFX’s trading environment.

By bridging the gap between retail and institutional trading environments, ATFX aims to develop a cohesive ecosystem that meets diverse global trading needs. Joe Li, Chairman of ATFX, expressed enthusiasm about the integration, emphasizing its potential to significantly improve pricing capabilities and operational excellence.

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