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Axiory Launches New UK Oil And US Oil Indexes To Combat Negative Prices


Axiory CEO considers the IS Prime Index as a way of minimizing risk and optimizing opportunism

  • Axiory introduces new IS Prime products
  • New products to combat negative prices
  • The FX broker to offer education to traders

Following the recent volatility in oil prices, oil is increasingly becoming an attractive commodity for investors. There is a massive opportunity currently, and as a result, forex broker, Axiory, has indicated that it will launch a new oil product that is the UK Oil and US Oil indexes.

New Axiory product to combat negative prices

With the IS Prime products, Axiory is; therefore, the first market investors will be eyeing because it assists in combating negative prices while at the same time offering investors exposure to the commodity. According to Finance Magnates, the UK Oil and US Oil Indexes will be rebased at around $100. Therefore it means that if the IS Prime sport price drops into the negative territory like -$5, then the pricing will show this around $95.

While speaking about this new development, Axiory CEO Roberto d’Ambrosio indicated that IS Prime launched the products as a way of protecting investors while at the same time presenting a market opportunity they can leverage. According to d’Ambrosio’s, this new product will help Axiory in minimizing risk and optimizing opportunities for clients. Since the new product will be harmonious with the trading system of the broker, it will minimize operations risks considering prices will not fall into negative territory. The product is not a future but rather an index that will have smooth behavior during settlement

Axiory to offer education to traders

Interestingly, the CEO added that besides the new products, the FX broker will continue offering its clients as well as other traders more educational material to raise awareness of the current market conditions. He stressed that educating traders is very important even for traders trading with different brokers.

The coronavirus pandemic has not affected Axiory’s operations since its employees were already working remotely. The company has experienced an uptick of client activity and trading volumes in recent weeks.


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