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BDSwiss Declares a Whopping 217% Trading Volumes Increase Since 2019

BDSWISS’ key achievements and metrics during the 7th annual kickoff meeting reflected on the company’s success in trading volumes since the past year.


After the tremendous success, the company is also looking forward to another year of high performance with an aim to expand their business to new and existing regions.

BDSWISS has constantly increased its expansion as their database registers more than 1.2m users worldwide. It has also opened 5 new offices in the South East Asia Region and Latin America. In 2019, the company experiences an increase of 225% in the total number of active traders and a 217% increase in trading volume as compared to the previous year.

For the years ahead, the focus of the company is continuous expansion and growth. The company wants to be committed from an employee level by investing in training and further enhance its operational excellence. On a grand scale, the company aims to continuously expand and extend its partner network through competitive payouts and using a localized approach.

THE CEO, Alexander W. Oelfke stated that 2019 was an excellent year for the company and it was only possible through the constant commitment of the employees, teams and global partners. He added that this paves way for the company to follow the same direction and earn more success in the future so they can look for expansion and diversification opportunities.


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