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    All Equiti does springs from their strong-rooted ideals of Growth, Collaboration, Responsibility, and Justice. Such principles identify and direct them in the attempts to provide personal and institutional services internationally across their independent foreign offices. The company is well known for their fast withdrawal service, complete regulation, high-level liquidity, MT4 platform, and a devoted account manager.

    Equiti Group Ltd is the parent organization of some of the most influential FX and CFD products and top brokers in the industry. With more than 300 global employees and 24/7 customer support, Equiti provides clients with exposure to business, corporate, and institutional brokerage services through numerous affiliates and subsidiaries.

    Benefits of Enquiti

    Enquiti focuses on maintaining the peace of its customers by securing their property. Their “Client Fund Insurance” covers the investments for up to $1,000,000. In addition to Equiti’s regular client security services, they also introduced a compensation provision to compensate for risks that may occur from a liquidation case costing more than USD 25,000 and up to USD 1,000,000 per customer. If such an incident complies with the provisions of the contract, the insurance provider shall resolve the occurrence with the correct compensation.

    A major multinational insurance firm provides Equiti’s “Consumer Fund Protection” coverage. Owing to the high-risk aspect of the leveraged investments, the investment guarantee would not be secured. Otherwise, assets and shares of qualifying Equiti’s clients would be protected by this scheme.