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    Of more than 3,500,000 customers since its founding in 2009, XM has developed into a massive and well-established multinational investment company and has been a global market pioneer.

    XM is now made up of more than 450 experts with long-standing expertise in the finance industry.

    Their vast expertise, coupled with support for well over 30 languages, allows XM the chosen broker for traders at all rates, everywhere. They have the experience and ability to help people achieve their investing ambitions, as only a prominent broker can do.

    XM’s management has toured more than 120 communities around the globe to engage with its customers and stakeholders. They also trust in the importance of genuine human contact on a face-to-face basis.

    The company has organized hundreds of workshops around the globe to train traders, helping them to make smarter trading decisions.

    Benefits of XM

    XM is extremely just, reasonable, truthful, and you can depend on it quickly. When an individual is trading with XM, they feel like trading with a trustworthy broker. The company offers equivalent and trustworthy trading experience by introducing a stringent non-re-quote and non-rejection strategy. The company’s business model is based on the firm conviction that all is in forex execution. Client funds at XM is their highest priority. Both customers profit from Negative Balance Coverage, and they are rarely in danger of losing more than their balance of accounts.