• partners with TradingView to provide clients with advanced charting tools, customizable charts, and extensive financial visualization features.
  • Traders can now access 30+ additional indicators, 35+ drawing tools, and save customized layouts across web and mobile platforms for an enhanced trading experience. has announced an exciting new partnership with TradingView, the world-renowned provider of charting and analytical tools.

This collaboration is set to enhance the trading experience for clients by offering access to TradingView advanced financial visualization tools.

Through this partnership, traders will benefit from a suite of enhanced drawing tools, customizable charts, and an extensive list of indicators.

Key features include popular analysis tools like Fibonacci, Gann, and Elliot, over 30 additional indicators for popular trading strategies, and 35+ drawing tools to aid in planning trades.

Additionally, traders can monitor price action across multiple markets simultaneously, customize colors and layouts, and enjoy improved navigational and toolbar functionality.

With offices in major cities around the world, remains committed to smart partnerships that drive sustainable growth and innovation in the fintech sector.

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