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Devexperts Launches New Trading Platform, DXtrade, To Enhance Capabilities of Brokers


There is some new development for FX and CFD brokers following the launch of a new trading platform, DXtrade by Devexperts through as SaaS model.

New DXtrade platform to boost capabilities of brokers

This is an off-shelf trading solution for CFD and FX brokers that have strong risk management as well as back-office applications. It is flexible in setting, and it enables brokers to attain an ideal setup, especially brokerage operations and front-end trading. This is a rare platform developed by Devexperts which has expertise in the design of specialist solutions for hedge funds, banks as well as other financial institutions.

DXtrade is designed to allow brokers to differentiate themselves in the industry since they are the ones that will be determining the setups and layouts. Similarly, there is a high level of automation extending to back end configuration, enabling brokers to set up spreads, margins, rebates, limits as well as client execution at individual or group levels on instruments.

Most interestingly, the DXtrade platform also provides other proprietary tools that can be used to enhance acquisition of clients and retention as well as enhance user experience. The built-in trading tool comprises of custom trading dashboards, journals, modern navigation, and others on the intuitive web and mobile IUs.

Devexperts has been developing custom trading platforms

OTC Platform VP, Conor O’Driscoll, stated that Devexperts has been designing personalized trading solutions for more than 18 years for different brokerage companies. And therefore, the DXtrade platform is a culmination of efforts at Devexperts, and it allows the company to bring its technology to the lager CFD and FX market.

Connor added that currently, brokers have been witnessing a surge in the volumes trader and number of customers on their trading platforms. He affirmed that they are aware of the need for brokers to differentiate in the crowded market, and thus the introduction of DXtrade will help brokers take their game to another level.


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