• DKK Partners and Seed Group teams up to boost FX liquidity in UAE and MENA.
  • The partnership aims to deliver seamless financial solutions tailored to local market needs.

London-based foreign exchange liquidity provider, DKK Partners, has announced a strategic partnership with Dubai’s Seed Group, a prominent venture capital firm.

This collaboration aims to enhance financial interoperability across the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the broader Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region.

The collaboration aims to streamline financial transactions and improve access to foreign exchange markets for businesses and government institutions.

The partnership will leverage DKK Partners‘ expertise in emerging markets and foreign exchange liquidity, combined with Seed Group’s extensive network and market knowledge in the UAE and GCC.

This collaboration will enable DKK Partners to offer tailored solutions for forex risk management, liquidity provision, and expedited collections to meet the growing demands of local businesses and government entities.

Both companies are optimistic about the potential impact of this partnership in promoting seamless financial interoperability, fostering digital solutions, and driving financial inclusivity across the region.

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