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Economic calendar for 03rd August 2020


The Forex economic calendar is a reference book for every trader, regardless of their trading experience and level of professionalism, and especially for those who trade on news. A good economic calendar takes into account all significant events and accumulates expert forecasts for them, that is, it allows you not only to react to changes, but also to prepare for them in advance.

The calendar is a kind of an online chronology of global economic events and a list of important Forex news, that are ranked by levels of significance, at the same time. All the fundamental factors (GDP growth, retail sales, consumer price index, etc.) are regularly published and seriously affect the price movement of a country’s official currency.

This is easy to see by comparing the charts of the cost of trading instruments in any trading platform with the moments when these indicators were released. Therefore, the Forex calendar of economic events always has a lot of food for thought and for building profitable trading strategies. For both bulls and bears, the economic calendar provides a wealth of information that reveals the state of world markets.


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