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Empower your trading by connecting your Doo Prime account to FOLLOWME


In order to offer more high-quality trading signals for its clients, Doo Prime has teamed up with FOLLOWME, a dynamic leading social trading platform shared by more than 400,000 users from 170 countries around the world.

As the first broker to join force with FOLLOWME in July this year, Doo Prime is partnering the social trading platform to improve the trading experience and services for global traders.

Doo Prime clients can enjoy the ease of copy trading with insights and strategies shared by the users on FOLLOWME by connecting their new or existing Doo Prime MT4 account to the latter’s app.

How to open a FOLLOWME trading account?

Open a new account or link to Doo Prime trading account with just two steps

Step 1 – Register/Login FOLLOWME

First, you need to register a FOLLOWME account.

To register/login, open the FOLLOWME App, click “Profile” and “Log in”, insert your phone number/email and verification code.

Step 2, Connect the FOLLOWME account to your Doo Prime Real Account

You will need to connect your FOLLOWME account to your Doo Prime MT4 trading account to start using the features on the former’s platform.

For those who do not have a Doo Prime Real Account, you can select “Create a new trading account” to create an account; or “Connect to a trading account” if you already have one.

Here’s how:

1. Open a new Doo Prime Real Trading Account

Select “Create a new trading account” and scroll down the list to look for Doo Prime. Insert the registered email and verification code and you will be redirected to Doo Prime CRM User Center for account registration.


a) The account opening process will be completed within one to three working days; and

b) Once the new account is approved, kindly connect it with your FOLLOWME account as soon as possible in order to gain access to the features on the FOLLOWME platform.

2. Connect to an existing Doo Prime Real Account

Select “Connect to a trading account” and search “DooPrime” in the server list. Select the Doo Prime server your account is created in and insert your login credentials for your Doo Prime MT4 account in order to complete the account linking process.

About FOLLOWME’s basic features

If you are wondering what are the features you can enjoy on FOLLOWME after you have successfully connected the accounts, here are some information for you:

1. Become a Trader (Signal Provider)

You can become a Trader, a.k.a. Signal Provider on the platform and start earning extra income through the subscription fees from other users.

Select “Become a Trader” in your user profile page and complete the real-name authentication process and wait for the approval. Once approved, you can set your own subscription fees and start sharing your signals.

2. Subscribe to signals

If you are looking for high-quality signals to subscribe to, select “Signal” on the navigation bar at the bottom to browse the signal list. Choose a signal provider and go to his/her detail page and select “Subscribe”.

3. Adjust your risk control setting and subscription mode

You will need to complete the basic settings below after you have subscribed to a signal.

a) Risk Control Setting: you can adjust the setting and the subscription mode based on your preferences. You can opt for Smart Ratio, Fixed Ratio or Fixed Lots as your subscription mode.

You will be successfully subscribed to the signal once the setting is done and your trades will follow the signal provider.


– If the Fixed Ratio has been set at 0.1 time, the follower will trade 0.1 lot when the signal provider trade 1 lot.

– If the Fixed Lots has been set at 0.1 lot, the follower will always trade 0.1 lot regardless of how many lots the signal provider trades

– The formula of how Smart Ratio is calculated: Trader B’s open lots * (Follower’s equity * leverage) / (Trader A’s equity * leverage + Trader B’s equity * leverage).

b) Modify: If you want to change the subscription mode after you have subscribed to a signal, you can go to “Profile”, select your current trading account, and make the adjustment in “Risk Control Setting”.

4. Check your profits and cancel subscription

a) Check your profits: If you wish to check your profits from following the signal provider, just go to “Profile” and select “Subscription”.

b) Cancel subscription: You can also cancel a subscription whenever you want. Select a signal provider, click on “Unsubscribe” on the signal provider’s detail page, and insert a verification code to confirm.

Doo Prime has created a communication group on the FOLLOWME platform for ideas sharing and strategy discussion. Scan the OR code below to join.


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