The repository embrace 15 US stocks and is equalize monthly. The monthly equalize aims to deliver an allocation that consistently delivers risk-adjusted returns that outperform the S&P 500 benchmark.

Each month, the STRATxAI backtest engine survey the performance of over 5,000 mid to large-cap US equities over the past two decades. The stocks are then assessed against a blend of five key factors that are positive indicators of future consummation :

Value: analyze underappreciated stocks at a reduce to their intrinsic worth, capitalising on potential undervaluation.

Quality: Prioritising strong financial requisite, focusing on stable, profitable, and financially healthy businesses.
Low-volatility: Targeting conventional with lower market volatility to reduce substantial portfolio fluctuations.

Liquidity: Assessing liquidity to maintain the ineptitude for quick and efficient trade electrocution.

Diversification: Limiting three stocks per sector to circulate risk and mitigate the impact of sector-specific slump.

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