Global brokerage firm eToro has enhanced its lineup of thematic investment baskets through a new strategic collaboration. The company has teamed up with Danish fund house NewDeal Invest to launch the “NDI-Future Tech” portfolio, leveraging NewDeal’s deep expertise in uncovering innovative tech players.

Under the leadership of founder Mads Christiansen, NewDeal undertakes expansive quarterly analysis of over 100 Nasdaq-listed stocks demonstrating disruptive technologies and durable business models. From this intensive screening, a basket of around 40 high-potential companies is curated.

This diligent selection methodology considers both qualitative assessments of long-term growth drivers and quantitative valuation metrics. The result is a diversified portfolio providing targeted access to game-changing futurist themes.

For eToro clients, the fund serves to simplify participation in the tech sector’s compelling upside, according to Head of Portfolio Investment Dani Brinker. It builds on the popularity of tech among the platform’s global community.

With an initial investment as low as $500 and eToro’s social tools, retail investors can effortlessly gain exposure to NewDeal’s top innovation stock picks. This represents an important extension of the asset manager’s reach and its mission to promote investment opportunities tied to emerging technologies.

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