• Exness introduces Stopout Protection, reducing stop outs by 30% during high volatility periods.
  • The feature adds virtual funds to traders’ equity to prevent potential stop outs, enhancing trading stability.

Exness has introduced a new feature, Stopout Protection, designed to significantly reduce the frequency of stop outs for its traders. This innovative trading tool is particularly valuable during periods of high market volatility or spread widening.

When a trader’s equity drops to zero, triggering a potential stop out, Stopout Protection intervenes by adding virtual funds to the trader’s equity. These virtual funds are calculated as half the spread of open trades, multiplied by their volume in lots. The formula used is: (current spread / 2), where the current spread equals the spread in pips times the pip value.

  • Current Spread: Spread in pips x pip value
  • Pip Value: Lots x contract size x pip size

These calculations are in account currency, with the pip value in quote currency. Variations in conversion rates may result in slight differences from manual calculations.

Feature Availability

Stopout Protection is available to most Exness traders as an added benefit. However, its availability may vary based on trading conditions and activity, determined by Exness’s mathematical models. The feature may also be disabled if a trading strategy overly relies on it or if it is misused.

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