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Exness Announces Funds to Fight Coronavirus in Cyprus

Exness has announced that they will donate funds up to one million euros to fight the pandemic in Cyprus


The Limassol based broker has expressed its concerns regarding the coronavirus and hence announced a financial aid of 1m in donations to health professionals fighting on the frontline

Exness has expressed that the issue of coronavirus is extremely stressful and dangerous to the people of Cyprus and world. To support the cause, they are donating one million euros to fight the pandemic by providing healthcare workers with better facilities and equipment. The first of these donations went to The Cyprus institute of Neurology & Genetics (CING). This was done to ensure that the laboratory expands its capacity on conducting the number of tests of COVID-19.

CING responded to this with great gratitude and said that it is extremely responsible of the company to recognize the medical needs of the institution in the time of this crisis. The Chief Medical Officer, Prof. Leonidas Phlyactou also added that they recognize the great efforts of Exness.

The professor added that state of the art medical equipment is imminent if Cyprus is to successfully combat the problem of coronavirus. With such equipment, the medical workers would be able to detect cases in lesser time and hence more people would get the chance to receive proper treatment. Despite that Cyprus is in a better state than most countries, these efforts were extremely important he added.

Exness CEO, Petr Valov stated that it is their responsibility and duty to contribute to the cause after seeing the spread in countries like Italy and Iran. He says that the company is determined to support the healthcare workers in order to prevent a worst-case scenario. He added that he is inviting other private entities based in Cyprus to join them in their efforts to combat the virus.

CING now possesses the molecular detection of coronavirus which is the single reliable method that aids in the process of detection.

CING and Exness are working towards installing the equipment as quickly as possible. The company is not only fighting the virus externally but they are committed to fight it internally as well by providing their employees the opportunity to work from home. This would help stop the spread of coronavirus in Cyprus.


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