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Exness Company Donates Respirators and Protective Suits to the Cyprus Government

Along with the respirators and Hazmat suits, the company has also donated around €1,000,000 in financial aid to multiples hospitals and public health sector


With the COVID-19 virus spreading like a wildfire, Exness Company comes forward with several donations and financial assistance to help the State and Medical Institutions fight the pandemic

Exness Company has donated 19 respirators and 900 Hazmat suits to Cyprus Government’s National Health System to combat the COVID-19 virus.

In an announcement made earlier this week, the Limassol based financial services company said that it had also donated some valuable medical equipment to the Institute of Neurology and Genetics (ING) to expand the scale of laboratory tests being done to detect and diagnose the virus, which has now been termed a pandemic.

The respirators given by the company have been brought in from Europe and Asia, some of which have already been delivered to the company while rest are expected to arrive soon, next week most probably.

The kinds include mobile respirators which are highly valuable for transporting patients in emergency cases and for those in the Intensive Care Unit, as well as State of the art respirators most suitable and apt for ICUs. Once all the respirators have reached the Nicosia General Hospital, they will be distributed as and when required.

Besides, the company has also donated nearly €1,000,000 financial assistance to several medical institutions, hospitals, and public health sectors, to help them fight the COVID-19 pandemic effortlessly.

Sharing his views on the company’s generosity, the Chief Executive Officer of Exness Group, Petr Valov said: “As we see in places like Italy, Spain, and New York, the availability of respirators is the key to saving lives if the situation continues to deteriorate. I am glad that we have managed to order 19 respirators and deliver most of these 19 in such conditions of a global shortage of such medical equipment. I hope more lives are saved”.


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