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FCA has Added Companies such as Frankfurt FX, Diamond club, and National Bond Compare to its Warning List

Big Names have yet again been caught by the UK watchdog FCA


A new list of fraudsters has been forwarded by the FCA.

FCA, being a watchdog for UK has forwarded some of the details for uncontrolled companies along with some of the duplicate business earlier this week. The regulator’s warning list consists of the names of the following companies: National Bond Compare, Numis Portal, FrankfurtFX – Diamond Club, Fixed Rate Saving, Stratis Finance / Stratis Financial, No Quibble Insurance, Funds Recovery (Overseas Recovery Room), Cream PPI, Secured Investment and Investor Supermarket.

Following details of the above-mentioned companies have been obtained in the research and it has been reported that these details are provided by the companies, itself to continue scamming people with their horrendous techniques in the UK

National Bond Compare

Address: Barclay House, Hockland Road, Cambridgeshire, PE13 5LF
Telephone: 02037452593
Website: www.nationalbondcompare.com

Numis Portal (clone of FCA authorised firm)

Website: https://www.numisportal.com/

FrankfurtFX – Diamond Club (clone of FCA authorised firm)

Address: Mainzer Landstraße 50, 60325 Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Telephone: +41335332411
Email: support@frankfurtfx.de
Website: https://frankfurtfx.de/
WhatsApp: +491779338339

Fixed-Rate Saving

Telephone: 02037459129
Website: www.fixedratesaving.com

Stratis Finance / Stratis Financial

Email: info@stratisfinancial.site
Website: www.stratisfinancial.site

No Quibble Insurance (clone)

Telephone: 0333 772 6062
Email: sales@noquibble.co.uk, sales@wewillinsure.co.uk
Website: www.noquibble.co.uk, www.wewillinsure.co.uk

Funds Recovery (Overseas Recovery Room)

Telephone: +44 203 936 2822; +1 646 844 7451; +97 255 966 4630; +61 386 521 285
Email: support@funds-recovery.com; michael.w@funds-recovery.com
Website: www.funds-recovery.com

Cream PPI (Scam)

Telephone: 0208 123 5911; 0172 222 8062; 0208 123 7107; 0207 097 1862; 0208 133 9029
Email: cream.ppi@yandex.com

Secured Investment

Address: 86-90 Paul St, Hackney, London, EC2A 4NE
Telephone: 020 8050 2374
Email: info@secured-investment.co.uk
Website: https://www.secured-investment.co.uk/bonds?sid=13795B&source=bond_m2_t2&msclkid=620f55d766621d54ebe00bb25c43718c

Investor Supermarket

Website: www.investorsupermarket.co.uk

If you are to be acquainted with them for any purpose, then stay aware of their dirty tactics or any other false details that they may provide you in the future. Try to identify their fraud and false details that they use from some other registered firm.


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