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Fondex to Carryout Business Normally despite Pandemic, Announces Swap-free Trading Conditions on Indices for Investors Seeking long-term Investment Opportunities

Fondex tells clients they can continue to trade same conditions as before


Fondex may not allow disruption to its operational activity despite pandemic, announces Swap-Free accounts on indices for investors seeking long-term investments to retain them

Fondex has decided to continue its business as usual despite growing concerns regarding the Covid-19 pandemic. With more and more companies shutting down operations owing to the uncontrollable adversities and difficulties being created by the Coronavirus, Fondex has surprised its investors by assuring them that they can continue to trade as before, without any amendments or limitations whatsoever.

Keeping in view the performance of equity indices over the past few weeks, the company has announced Swap-Free accounts on indices to its investors, especially those who are looking for long-term investments. Besides providing with the benefit of trading with highly competitive commissions and spreads in the industry, this option will also provide cost-saving benefits by cutting overnight fees on indices.

Along with the above-mentioned benefits, the investors will be provided with indefinite time to run open positions without having to pay overnight fees in equity indices, allowed both short and long positions as well as a chance to earn the highest spreads at a very low commission in the industry.

Furthermore, the company has informed all its partners and clients that it is duly following all the regulations and rules set by the State, ESMA and most importantly, its regulator. Hence, by opting to continue its business, the company is ensuring smooth operations of its businesses across all divisions and departments and trying its best to not comprise the standard of its services.

Addressing the concerns pertaining to the health and security of everyone involved in the business, the company has explicitly stated that most of its teams are working from home whilst offering 25/4 support to all its clients. However, only a handful of employees have been asked to work directly from the office, which the company believes doesn’t pose a threat to the normal operations of the company.


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