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FXTM Founder Andrey Dashin Launches Exinity To Empower Millennials In Emerging Markets


Andrey Dashin, the famous forex platform FXTM and also Alpari has announced the launch of Exinity Group, a platform that aims to empower the new generation of investors, especially from emerging markets.

The new Exinity Group will feature multiple retail businesses that are part of Dashin’s portfolio. This includes the FXTM and Alpari International, as well as his upcoming retail service. The group also launched its new tag line called Freedom To Succeed which is also Exfinity Group’s new Logo and it highlights the group’s new focus. Speaking of the new focus, Dashin plans to use the group to double down on the ongoing revolution in the fintech industry.

Dashin believes that millennials are going to steer the fintech industry through the revolution with new and innovative developments. Millennials especially those in emerging markets have demonstrated impressive creativity. However, they lack the financial and technological backing to help push their ideas forward. That is why Exfinity Group aims to focus on empowering entrepreneurs so that they can fully tap into their potential.

Dashin also appointed Olga Rybalkina as the CEO of Exinity Group. His role will be to help steer the group towards achieving its objectives which will mainly be empowering young entrepreneurs and helping them become successful investors.

Exinity to leverage years of experience in the online trading landscape

Exinity plans to start focusing on the objectives as soon as possible and it will start by developing a new investing and trading app that it plans to roll out in 2021. The app will help users to create and customize their own portfolios. It will also provide traders with a variety of different assets that will be provided at a cash basis and even on a leveraged basis.

Exinity aims to provide young entrepreneurs with a trustworthy and reliable platform. Dashin and his team are confident about their ability to deliver thanks to the fact that they have been in the investment and trading landscape for more than 2 decades. Alpari Group has been around since 1998 which means that it was among the first online trading platforms while its sister brand FXTM made its debut in 2011. The two platforms have been hugely successful over the years.


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