Home Forex News GBP/USD Rallies To 3-Week High on £30 Billion Stimulus Plan

GBP/USD Rallies To 3-Week High on £30 Billion Stimulus Plan

  • £30 Billion Stimulus Package
  • U.K Property Sector Rebound
  • Brexit Hopes

GBP/USD touched three-week highs, Thursday morning, as a confirmation of a £30 billion stimulus package that fuelled a bid tone around the Pound. A bounce back from one-month lows has continued to gather steam, amidst hopes of economic recovery following the reopening of the U.K economy, in the aftermath of the COVID-19 fallout.

British Pound Bounce Back

The GBP/USD spiking to 1.264 came at the backdrop of the U.S dollar weakening across the board amidst growing hopes of economic recovery.

Time                            : 07-09-2020

Pivot                           : 1.2588

Technical View           : Long above 1.2608

Target                         : 1.2628 – 1.2684 – 1.2715

Comments                  : Bullish

Last Price                    : 1.2637

The catalysts fuelling the bid tone around the cable is the unveiling of a $30 billion stimulus package expected to spur economic recovery. The U.K. economy is on a recovery path after more than three months under lockdown in the coronavirus pandemic aftermath.

Traders pushed the Pound higher against the dollar on the government approving a much bigger stimulus package. The stimulus package should reinvigorate key sectors of the economy that had come to a standstill at the pandemic’s peak.

The property market is already a buzz of activity even though it remains at depressed levels. According to the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, 61% of its members registered a 61% increase in new buyer enquiries in June. The RICS house price balance also improved to -15 in June from -32 in May.

Brexit Progress

Reports that the U.K and the EU are close to finding a landing zone as part of ongoing Brexit talks also continues to support the Pound strength against the dollar. Standing in the way of the Pound registering further gains is a resurgent dollar.

The dollar is likely to strengthen with a spike of tensions between Washington and Beijing over Hong Kong. A spike in coronavirus cases in the U.S to highs of 3 million with a new daily record of 60,000 new cases could also fuel risk aversion in the market, sending the dollar higher.


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