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GBP/USD Wars As Investor Risk Appetite Surges


Investors had for long focused on the meeting set to take place between the Federal Reserve and European Central Bank. It eventually happened already this week and the impact is already being felt. Reports have shown the pound moving a notch higher against the pound, something that has closely been linked to the further stimulus pronounced in the course of the meeting.

The COVID-19 impact has been hard-hitting, almost crippling most of the world economies. Governments have had to do tough balancing acts of safeguarding lives, and at the same time preventing the pandemic from crippling economies a huge deal.

Analysts have been closely monitoring the Sterling, and they admit that it has lately been correlated to a huge deal of the riskier assets. The stocks are part of what is commonly regarded as riskier assets. These analysts have noted a gradual growth in the growth of the investor appetite on making investments in the currency. It is a matter that is causing the pound to cruise higher in a time when most of the world’s currencies are declining.

Time                      : 29-04-2020

Pivot                      : 1.2465

Technical View        : Long above 1.2485

Target                    : 1.2505

The graphical representation by analysts show figures of $1.2440 and $1.2516.These are representative of a 0.1% rise in the value of the currency, something that is regarded as being the peak of the currency since April 17.

In the early trade, the pound soared to beat the euro, though some outside forces intervened to keep matters in check. It was the Confederation of British Industry that stepped in staging a strong defense against the British retailers on claims that they had witnessed a significant drop in sales. It cited the 2008 financial crisis that was experienced in the first half of April and called upon for that to be factored in.

The British currency was on the same level as the euro at some point, characterized by a figure of about 87.11 pence. Earlier own, there had been a consistent rise spanning about eight days with an associated figure of about 86.91 pence.

The Bank of Japan has also come out to announce its plans to expand a stimulus targeted at empowering those companies battered by the Covid-19 crisis. It intended to do that through the purchase of some unlimited bonds.


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