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ICM.com Extends its Operations to Jordan via ASWAQ Partnership

ICM.com unlocks new achievement as it enters Jordan’s financial services market


ICM.com’s partnership with Jordan-based investment company along with the opening of its new office in the country itself, has enabled the company to further widen its presence globally. As a result of having operations in Jordan, ICM.com will now be regulated by the Jordan Securities Commission as well

ICM.com, an online trading platform and previously known as ICM Capital, has extended its operations in the Middle East by forming ASWAQ partnership with Jordan.

A Press Release issued by the London-based company in this regard stated that it had added Jordan Securities Commissions (JSC) as its regulator as a result of this collaboration.

Moreover, the founder and director of ICM.com, Shoaib Abedi, shared his two cents on the company’s expansion by stating: “We recognize the many benefits of Jordan having a stable and growing economic environment and are pleased to announce we are going to be part of that”.

“We are always looking for new opportunities to expand globally in order to provide our current and future clients with the support and customer services that ICM.com has become known for over the past 11 years,” he further added.

The partnership between the company and Jordan was initially publicized via the opening of a new office in Amman, as well as the appointment of Nihad Silawi as its head. In addition, the company signed a deal with a local brokerage and investment company, ASWAQ Invest, to further mark its footprints in the country.

Further commenting on the company’s new international endeavor, the CEO said: “As we keep adding to our growing list of regulated entities around the world, we’re incredibly proud of the new office that is opened in the heart of Amman, a growing and economically thriving city”.

“This mutually beneficial partnership with ASWAQ, a strong investment company with a great reputation in the region, will result in ICM.com leading the way in expanding the financial services on offer in Jordan and the wider Middle East region,” the CEO further stated in the company’s press release.

With the addition of Jordan to its list of international markets, ICM.com has successfully expanded its operations to the Middle East, in addition to the United Kingdom, Asia, Europe, and Latin America.

As mentioned earlier, the company will now also be regulated by the Jordan Securities Commission, along with five other regulating agencies including those in the UK, Malaysia, Cyprus, and Mauritius.


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