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IG Group to Provide Prime Brokerage and Financial Services via its New Product Launch

IG Group’s new offering, IG Prime is all set to cater to the requirements of institutional clients


IG Prime, a recently launched trading facility by IG Group, will be utilized for prime brokerage execution by mainly institutional clients such as startups, family offices, etc. Several prominent figures within the company have also expressed their elation on the launch of IG Prime.


IG Group, a prominent name in the online trading and financial service industry, has left its clients in awe after announcing the launch of IG Prime, an institutional product offering that will mainly cater to the needs of startups, multi-prime hedge funds, and family offices by providing them with prime brokerage and financial services.

Besides, the provision of provides prime brokerage execution, IG Prime will also offer facilities pertaining to web-based trading and real-time reporting.

Commenting on the successful launch of IG Prime, the Chief Executive Officer of the brand as well as IG Bank SA, Mr. Fouad Bajjali said: ‘Institutional clients have been calling for a new challenger, for some time, to enter the prime-brokerage market and offer an innovative and competitive alternative to the incumbent providers’.

Furthermore, he stated that IG Prime, with the help of highly advanced technology and access to global financial markets, will help in providing world-class prime brokerage services to its clients.

The Head of IG Group in Singapore, Mr. Tony Lim has this to say about the offering: ‘IG has always taken pride in providing the best trading experience for our clients, the launch of IG Prime will enable us to better serve institutional clients based on their different trading needs with innovation and first-class technology’.

The Chief Technology Officer of IG Group, Mr. Simon Myers also shared his two cents by stating: ‘Our advanced trading platforms are engineered for speed, stability, and resilience, routinely processing the multi-million trades per month and providing access to more than 40 global financial markets’.

He also said that the institutional offering, which has resources in 16 countries, will enable its clients to have access to a highly professional and dedicated account management team with vast experience in business dealings and knowledge about technological processes.

Last but not the least, the Global Head of Prime Brokerages Sales, Miss Max Hayden had this to say about the launch: ‘IG Prime will deliver efficiency for clients through its use of cutting-edge technology and product development. We can successfully compete because we will be cost-effective, whilst still offering clients deep and sophisticated trading access with a personal touch. Hedge Fund clients are more focused on cost than ever as the industry has gone mainstream, but they still want the comfort of a secure well-capitalized counterparty’.

About the Company

Founded and established in 1974 in London, IG Group has provided financial services to several institutional clients for more than fifteen years. The company first launched its prime brokerage services in 2006, to mainly serve hedge fund managers as well as family offices.

The company is extensively focusing on its product growth and expansion strategies and has expressed a desire to enhance its product portfolio with new facilities and offering for its customers in the next two years.


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