• IG Group experiences leadership changes, including the departure of Aneira Henery-Morley (Global Head of Marketing Partnerships) and Kevin Algeo (CEO of APAC & Africa), as well as changes in North American and Nordic divisions.
  • Breon Corcoran has been appointed as the new CEO, replacing June Felix who resigned due to health reasons.

IG Group, a global online trading company, has seen some significant changes in its leadership team. Aneira Henery-Morley, the Global Head of Marketing Partnerships, has left the company after nearly four years of service.

During her tenure, she played a vital role in implementing a global partnerships strategy that transformed the company’s affiliate marketing efforts and established various channels in 17 markets.

Prior to joining IG Group, Henery-Morley held the position of Head of Partnerships (O2 Priority) at Cheery London for three years. She also contributed her expertise to Metro UK, the UK’s leading urban media brand, for six years, holding various roles such as Senior Digital Account Manager, Head of Digital Business Development, and Head of Digital Product and Business Development.

The company has experienced other key departures, including the resignation of Kevin Algeo, the CEO of APAC & Africa, and the appointment of Breon Corcoran as the new CEO, taking over from June Felix, who resigned due to health reasons.

Furthermore, there have been changes in the top management roles of IG Group’s North American and Nordic divisions.

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