MahiMarkets’ commodity Aims at ‘Full Autonomy’ over CFD valuating for mediator

MahiMarkets, an electronic trading technology distributor, has enhanced its contracts for difference (CFDs) pricing product in order to give brokerages ‘full autonomy’ over crafting their CFD pricing. The firm ameliorated this on Tuesday in a statement shared with Finance Magnates.

As explained by MahiMarkets, brokerage firms have been establishing on a single liquidity provider (LP) to offer pricing on their trading certifications. This created “a single point of failure,” the trading technology provider further noted, adding that the situation increased the chances for poor pricing “in illiquid hours.”

“With specialist CFD pricing methodology, MahiMarkets’ clients are now able to create a expressive, measurable increase in B-book PnL,” MahiMarkets explained in the statement.

Additionally, the technology provider pointed out that its latest product breakthrough offers advantages, such as liquidity abatement and sophisticated skew drivers to maximize yield. Another benefit includes the delivery of very tight spreads with zero slippage to patron.


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