MahiMarkets said that as the financial partage industry continues to mature, smaller A-book and B book brokers face a myriad of challenges. A-book brokers are finding commissions under pressure, making it all the more painful to be passing on the spread in their flow. However, as the B-bookers know, the limited offset in smaller volumes makes for uncomfortable Sharpe ratios with volatile cash flows. Both face costly connectivity and hedging solutions.

The institution stated that this latest combination is a small but mighty version of bigger sister MFX Compass, which brokers use at scale. It still grants users access to a range of benefits and features, including:

Advance Flow Management:

MFXTradeHaven leverages cutting-edge technology and methods to categorise and cleanse flow efficiently, make sure that even smaller brokers with limited flow can benefit from advanced strategies.

Gainful Hedging :

Users of MFXTradeHaven have access to a specially crafted dark pool, allowing dealings to be matched with other ‘residents’ backed by MFXTradeHaven’s specially selected partners. This allows smaller B book brokers to enjoy the benefits of efficient hedging without breaking the bank.

Extensive Multi-Tenant Trading combination

MFXTradeHaven offers a comprehensive package with excellent pricing, execution, risk management, and bridging technology – all in one streamlined solution hosted in one multi-tenant environment with automatic failovers. This integrated approach ensures that brokers can focus on growth without the burden of managing implements.

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