Moomoo, a popular global investment platform, has officially launched its new “super app” in Malysia. This move makes Moomoo one of the first international brokerages to get the green light from Malaysian regulators.

The launch event was a big deal, with top executives and industry leaders buzzing about Moomoo’s potential to shake up how Malaysians invest. The company isn’t messing around – they’re focused on making investing easy for everyone, whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out.

“Malaysia is a super exciting market. Young, tech-savvy folks want to invest, and Moomoo is here to make it happen,” said Robin Xu, a senior exec at Futu Holdings, Moomoo’s parent company. “We want to bring the whole world of investing to Malaysia and eventually connect Malaysian investors back to the globe.”

What makes Moomoo different? For starters, they give you free access to tons of stuff, like over 1,000 Malaysian stocks, 9,000 US stocks, ETFs, plus fancy pro-level tools that usually cost an arm and a leg. On top of that, they’re all about teaching people to invest, with over 600 free courses and a lively online community. To celebrate the launch, Moomoo is practically throwing freebies at new Malaysian users.

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