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Moriarti PAMM Account Earns the Title of Most Profitable Account of all Time

Moriarti PAMM account has taken over the title of most profitable account of all time, a record previously held the Expensivebuyer account for around 10 years


Moriarti PAMM account recently generated a return of over 166,900 percent, which ultimately landed it the title of the most profitable account. To mark this occasion, Alpari has decided to add special markers titled ‘Record Breaker’ on any and every account that manages to beat this record.

PAMM Service recently saw the emergence of a new record holder for the most profitable account of all time. The title was taken by the Moriarti PAMM account, as it incessantly appeared on the top ratings across several categories, comprising of the type of funds under management and the number of investors.

According to the company, this historic milestone was attained on March 25, 2020, as the account managed to generate an all-time high return of 166,900 percent, beating the previous record of 165,900 percent held by the manager of Expensivebuyer account for around 10 years.

Prior to achieving this path-breaking record, the manager of Moriarti account had successfully combated the biggest drawdown on the account over its 5-year life, that too in a matter of just a week. This nearly spontaneous handling of the drawdown also helped in improving the monthly return chart of the account.

The biggest winners from this situation were those who invested in the account during this downturn, as it gave them a golden chance to benefit and earn in the heat of a financial crisis. Resultantly, those who went ahead and invested despite the high levels of risk involved, emerged victorious by achieving returns of over 300 percent over a span of one week.

Alpari, the developer of PAMM Service, in order to celebrate this historic achievement, has decided to add a special market titled ‘Record breaker’ to those accounts that manage to surpass the all-time return records. This is being done to ensure that the record-breaking accounts appear at the top of PAMM ratings, as long as that account’s prevailing return is greater than the previous record. It is imperative to note that the level of return will be the key performance indicator for the account to remain on the top, regardless of how that particular account performs in other aspects.


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