BUX uttered that it is the first and only brokerage firm in the Netherlands proffering an interest rate of more than 2% on cash balances. The offer is valid as of 5 April 2023 and has no timing restrictions or fixed holding periods.
The interest rate is valid for all uninvested cash balances in BUX Zero up to €25,000. All cash accounts with BUX are held with ABN AMRO Clearing Bank and are protected up to €100,000 under the actions of the Dutch Central Bank’s Deposits Guarantee Scheme.
The 2.01% interest news supersedes last month’s broadcasting of BUX’s partnership with BlackRock to offer unique and imaginative savings plans, all part of BUX’ longer term strategy to become a leading broker across Europe. With more than a million users, BUX claims to already be the largest neo-broker in the Netherlands and Belgium and seeks to further solidify its position.
BUX clients can devote in shares, ETFs, and crypto via one native mobile application. Creating an account on mobile or desktop takes on average 5 minutes. BUX’ mission is to make investing easy and inexpensive for all by empowering people to make better financial decisions, whatever their intention.

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