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Rising Hope For Gains In The Oil Sector

  • Oil producers to cut back on production
  • Gains already being witnessed

The effects of COVID-19 have been felt in almost every business segment. It has been a difficult state of affairs considering the shutdown of major cities and businesses as well. The worst bit has been the loss of many lives globally, but life must go on! The oil production sector wasn’t spared either, but there seems to be some light at the end of the tunnel. That follows reports about the much-anticipated gains in the oil sector.

A close outlook

Analysts have been quick to move forward to explain the current trends. According to them, global production cuts have already swung into effect. They see this as one of the reasons that have been propelling the change.

The analysts have also admitted that the COVID-19 pandemic had caused a significant plunge in the oil sector. According to them, job cuts have been pushed many employees to lead difficult lives, but the anticipated changes may spell out a different case scenario.

Time                            :01-05-2020

Pivot                           :$18.75

Technical View:          :Long above $18.95

Target                         :$19.15 next target levels $21.37, $22.91 and $25.38

Technical View:          :Short below $18.55

Target                         :$18.35 next target levels $16.96, $14.59, $12.15

Last Price                    :$18.52

The decision by oil producers

Reports point to a barrel currently playing at $19 in the US, a figure representing a 13% rise. The 10 million barrels reductions to be conducted daily will soon anytime soon, probably on Friday. This is according to the statement from the OPEC+ bloc.

The other oil producers have also had their take. These are ConocoPhillips, Norway, and many others. In a joint statement, they have pointed to a move to cut back on production. These recent moves, according to analysts, are set to impact the oil prices significantly.

The revival of the Crude oil is real, and that is considering that there is data from the government supporting the same. It is data pointing to a substantial rise in the demand for gasoline.

China has, for many years, stood out as one of the major oil importers around the world. More precisely, it is the largest importer globally. There are reports that rush-hour traffic has moved higher in some of the biggest cities in the country.

A lot may be said, but no one should overlook the significant glut that piled up in the course of the virus lockdowns and the price wars. It is going to take quite some time to clear that glut.


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