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RoboForex Introduces Measures to Enhance the Conditions of the Bonus Program

RoboForex as an international forex broker aims to improve the bonus program’s conditions.


Partners of RoboForex may find improvements in the Company’s Loyalty interesting as they hope. The minimum amount of affiliate commission is now 10% of the client’s trading volume and paid after the volume reaches 500 USD.

Roboforex has introduced these measures by increasing the classic bonus’s amount to 120% of the overall deposited sum. Similarly, profit bonus share has experienced an increase of 60%. Moreover, the programs do not have any restrictions anymore on the minimum amount of deposit and the trading volume requirements have decreased by double.

The change in conditions for receiving cashback on prime accounts are on multiple levels; 5%, 7% and 10% respectively depending upon the client’s trading volume.

The company has also eased their conditions on their VIP program. The requirements have been decreased to an amount of $3,000 that are needed to be in the client’s account.

The company has also proceeded to improve their loyalty interesting. The affiliate commission is now down to a 10% minimum of the client’s trading volume and is paid once the volume gets to 500 USD.

Denis Golomedov, CMO RoboForex expressed his feelings about the developments as well. He stated that these measures have taken place in order to allow the clients to increase their potential earnings. He went on to add that global instability has had an underlying impact on the business and overall earnings of individuals. He said that the aim is to create an environment that is comfortable, relaxing and environment for the clients so they can invest their money without any stress. He added that the company prioritizes the interests of their clients and believes in providing them a good quality service all year round.


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