Saxo Bank protections partners with TRUSTDOCK to clarify account aperture

productive April 7, 2023, Saxo Bank Securities Co., Ltd., the Japanese subsidiary of multi-asset investment specialist Saxo Bank, introduced “TRUSTDOCK,” an online identity endorsement service provided by TRUSTDOCK Co., Ltd.

By smoothly effecting identity verification online when opening a new account, it is possible to open an account within as little as two business days from the date of application.

In the past, account opening was finalized by sending the account opening documents by mail, so it took time from application reception to accomplishment . In order to meet the needs of people who want to open an account more quickly, Saxo has introduced an identity verification service that can be completed online.

TRUSTDOCK Co., Ltd. solves the problem of “online customer verification” when computerize transactions and logistics. From financial association to general profession companies, the company is developing RegTech/SupTech services that provide “TRUSTDOCK,” a service that solves the problems of identity verification in all businesses, and identity affirmation API architecture.


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