Saxo fund to go reside with new promotion portal within SaxoPartnerCombine in April 2023

Various-asset contribution pundit Saxo Bank announces that it will go live with a new retail portal within SaxoPartnerConnect during the second half of April 2023.

This means all partner labourers will receive access to the new plan of action and merchandise portal. The existing marketing portal will be decommissioned, and the new marketing portal will consist of both new content as well as applicable content from the existing portal.

SaxoPartnerConnect is the new flagship dais for all of Saxo’s partners and it has been developed since 2020. The platform is primarily envisioned as a platform that can serve all types of partners and is enhance for handling a client base with client screeners as well as bulk modules for corporate actions and case management.

SaxoPartnerConnect will increasingly start replacing WebConnect, which means Saxo will slowly remove WebConnect access from partners. This change will take place when SaxoPartnerConnect supports all applicable functionalities that WebConnect currently inhibition.


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