Saxo manages with Copenhagen Business School to work into next adaptation of OpenAPI.

As Saxo develops its vision for its next OpenAPI version, many asset investment professionals are looking to multiple sources of inspiration for what needs to be improved.

Benny Boye Johansen, Head of OpenAPI at Saxo Bank, explains how he works with the Digitization Department at Copenhagen Business School with the aim of assessing API quality. May affect delivery speed and API quality.

One of the first activities was to unbundle the current feature of Saxo’s OpenAPI. Instead of relying on Saxo’s own intuition about what constitutes a “good” API, the CBS team wanted to take a more objective approach.

They checked a long list of 59 sources, including developer blogs, academic articles, and vendor materials, to identify characteristics that were found to be critical to API quality, being more accurate and educated. They then break these down into categories, themes and indicators and present them to several OpenAPI lead management like Saxo for evaluation and clarification.

Their implementation will be announced later and referenced in the CBS working paper, but Benny Boy Johansson was allowed to implement a short overview/summary.


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