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Skytra’s All New Derivatives Trading Software will be tested by Exactpro

Skytra has come to an agreement with Exactpro for their software quality assurance services.


The airline risk management venture, Skytra, has ensured that Exactpro will be offering them software quality assurance services. This testing partnership will make sure that stakeholders receive the utmost quality of the Skytra’s derivatives trading platform before its live.

Skytra provides quality services to the air travel industry through short term revenue visibility and long term planning of their financials. This venture would mean that those who are looking for opportunities in trade and options contracts can base their decision on Skytra price indices.

The company is also looking forward to get the authorization with the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) so that it can operate as a benchmark administrator and serve as a multilateral trading facility (MFI). However, NASDAQ, the financial market infrastructure technology provider would be hosting and managing the technology for the company’s website.

A Master Service Agreement has been signed for Information Technology consultancy between Skytra and ExactPro as reported by the results of the RFQ process.

Skytra’s CIO, Jeremy Norwood commented that they needed an experienced IT partner to meet their software needs. He added that ExactPro’s responsibilities would include conducting independent, unbiased functional and regression test cycles as part of the delivery programme. He was also confident that ExactPro would provide quality services and successful delivery.

Moreover, Co-Founder and Director of ExactPro, Alexey Zverev stated that it is an honor for the company to be in agreement with Skytra and Nasdaq. He assured that they have employed an experienced team that is equipped with all the knowledge and tools that would be required to make this partnership a success.



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