Friday, July 3, 2020
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USD/CNY Edges Lower As Yuan Rises On Upbeat Economic Releases

China Economy Recovery China Caixin Markit PMI Beat Stellar U.S Economic dataThe Chinese Yuan continues to grind higher against the U.S dollar as...

USD/CNY Exchange Rate Grinds Higher On Yuan Weakness

Improving Industrial Activity Contracting Chinese Exports U.S NFP And Unemployment RateThe Chinese Yuan weakened slightly against the U.S dollar, resulting in the USD/CNY...

USD/CNY Tanks Amid China Improving Manufacturing Activity

China Economic Recovery China PMI COVID-19 DisruptionsUSD/CNY exchange rate is trading near a key support level as a resurgent Chinese Yuan continues to...

USD/CNY Drops as Yuan Strengthens On Impressive PMI

China Economic Recovery China Impressive PMI USD/CNY OutlookThe Chinese Yuan strengthened against the U.S Dollar, Tuesday morning, as better than expected economic releases...

USD/CNY Flat At 1-Month Lows On Chinese Corona Vaccine Promise

China COVID-19 Vaccine Prospects China-U.S Trade Tensions USD/CNY OutlookUSD/CNY was flat, Monday morning, at 1-month lows as a resurgent U.S dollar continued to...

USD/CNY Stabilizes at 12-Year High As U.S Senate Counters China Security...

China Security law Coronavirus Concerns Economic Recovery DisruptionUSD/CNY exchange rate remains at 12-year highs on the Yuan weakening against the U.S dollar in...

USD/CNY Drop Stalls As Yuan Weakness on COVID-19 Fears

Beijing Lockdown Concerns China Economic Recovery Fears Soaring debt levelsUSD/CNY slide to one-month lows, amidst dollar weakness, appears to have hit strong support....

USD/CNY Rate Firms As Dollar Strengthens On COVID-19 Concerns

Manufacturing Sector Contraction Coronavirus infections surge Dollar Strength As Safe-HavenDownbeat economic numbers continue to exert pressure on the Chinese Yuan, which is already...

USD/CNY Under Pressure Amidst A Resurgent Yuan

Strengthening Chinese Yuan Improving Chinese Economic Data FED Report FocusChinese Yuan continues to bounce back after imploding at the backdrop of the COVID-19...

Chinese Yuan USDCNY Weakness Persists Amidst Export Contraction Concerns

Chinese Yuan Weakness China Export Contraction Concerns China Trade SurplusWeakness in the Chinese Yuan (USDCNY) shows no signs of slowing down, as the...

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