Friday, July 3, 2020
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Oil Tanks on Demand Concerns as Gold (XAUUSD) Rallies On Risk...

Coronavirus Concerns Oil Demand Fears Goldman Sachs Oil ForecastOil remained under pressure, Friday morning, as a spike in COVID-19 cases stocked fears of...

DEX Receives Regulatory Approval To Operate In Abu Dhabi By ADGM

Abu Dhabi’s financial markets regulator, known as Abu Dhabi Global Market or ADGM, has approved a cryptocurrency exchange brokerage firm called DEX’s application to...

USD/JPY Rallies TO 3-Week Highs ON Weak Japan’s Data

Shrinking Japan’s Industrial Activity Rising Unemployment levels FED ConcernsThe Japanese Yen weakened against the U.S Dollar as downbeat industrial and employment data exacerbated...

EUR/USD Continues To Grind Higher On Dollar Weakness

Safe-Havens Demand Coronavirus Fears ECB Dovish SentimentsEUR/USD was upbeat Monday, recouping some losses after three-weeks of losses. The pair was up by more...

USD/CNY Stabilizes at 12-Year High As U.S Senate Counters China Security...

China Security law Coronavirus Concerns Economic Recovery DisruptionUSD/CNY exchange rate remains at 12-year highs on the Yuan weakening against the U.S dollar in...

EUR/USD Slumps To 4-Days Lows As Traders Turn To Safe Havens

Coronavirus Impact Slowing U.S Economy S Tariffs ThreatEUR/USD bounced back on Friday after coming under pressure on strong demand for the U.S dollar...

USD/CNY Drop Stalls As Yuan Weakness on COVID-19 Fears

Beijing Lockdown Concerns China Economic Recovery Fears Soaring debt levelsUSD/CNY slide to one-month lows, amidst dollar weakness, appears to have hit strong support....

EUR/USD Bearishness Persists On Coronavirus Fears

U.S Dollar resurgence Coronavirus Fears Weak EU Economic dataThe EUR/USD pair started the week subdued at two weeks and was at risk of...

NZD/USD Rebounds From Two-Week Lows But For How Long?

New Zealand Economic recession RBNZ Policy Report Expectation Coronavirus fears impactNZD/USD pair bounced-back, Monday morning, after initially plunging to three-week lows amidst growing...

AUD/USD Rallies As RBA Governor Insists AUD Is Overvalued

Coronavirus infections Concerns Overvalued AUD Warning Weak AUD CallsThe Australian Dollar started the week on a roll, weakening, before gaining some ground against...

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