• Tradeweb integrates OIS curves into repo trade negotiations to enhance price competitiveness.
  • New features allow buy-side traders to manage interest rate exposure electronically, reducing operational risk.

Tradeweb Markets Inc., a leading global operator of electronic marketplaces for rates, credit, equities, and money markets, today unveiled new features linking its repurchase agreements (repo) and interest rate swap (IRS) product offerings.

These innovative features aim to streamline and enhance clients’ execution workflows. As money market volatility increases amid revised central bank policy expectations, traders are increasingly using spreads to overnight index swap (OIS) curves to price fixed-rate repos.

Tradeweb new features integrate OIS curves into the repo trade negotiation process, allowing institutional clients to assess the price competitiveness of repo rates across various currencies and maturities.

These OIS spreads are generated for all GBP, EUR, and USD trades on Tradeweb repo platform and are tailored to the exact term of each trade using swap curves from the IRS platform.

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