Zulu industry thrust the borderline of familiar affairs

Industry leader ZuluTrade enrolled the monetary industry in 2007 with a pioneering idea in mind – “to make commerce operative and easy for everyone”. Sixteen years later, the company has experienced many transformations and grown up into the persuasive gracious wealth management scaffold it is today.

In addition, ZuluTrade is licensed to furnish asset management fitness by the Financial certain-raiser Authority, the regulator of Mauritius. This is what sets us apart from our rival and empowers us to innovate further in this direction,” explained Mr Virk.

Nonetheless, innovation is key to ZuluTrade’s success. Putting lender first, ZuluTrade has built a capable broker-agnostic scaffold that allows merchant and capitalist to devote in ZuluTrade insensitive of the brokers they cradle accounts with. Integrating solutions such as MT4, MT5, XOH and ActTrader, Social Resource Management Company is accessing a new dimension of technology implementation.

This prsonalized capability that ZuluTrade has confirmed over the years has gathered it a leading position in the fabrication.


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