James Glyde, a former senior executive at Spotware Systems, has unveiled PipFarm, a new brand in the “Funded Trader” retail prop trading sector.

The firm, based in Singapore, will operate on the cTrader platform, where Glyde previously worked for six years, culminating in his role as Chief Commercial Officer.

This launch comes at a critical time in the industry following MetaQuotes’ discontinuation of support for Funded Trader firms using MetaTrader 4 and 5 platforms, prompting a search for stable solutions within the market.

According to Glyde, “PipFarm chooses cTrader for its numerous advantages, not out of necessity. Following months of development and extensive beta testing, we have achieved the most robust and proven cTrader integration.”

Glyde emphasized PipFarm’s commitment to providing a supportive trading environment by leveraging cTrader’s advanced technology and his team’s expertise in the funded trader space.

The venture’s development involved extensive testing to ensure a reliable integration and platform stability, positioning PipFarm as a promising player in the evolving prop trading landscape.

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