In response to the dynamic needs of traders and investors, FP Markets, a leading Forex and CFDs broker, has unveiled an exciting partnership with TradingView, introducing a new dimension to the trading experience. This collaboration allows clients with an active Trading Account at FP Markets to harness the power of TradingView’s cutting-edge charting solutions.

TradingView, recognized globally for its comprehensive financial market coverage, offers a unified platform encompassing Forex, Equities, Indices, Commodities, Bonds, and Digital Currencies. With access to the world’s largest social trading community, traders can now seamlessly integrate TradingView’s advanced charting capabilities with FP Markets’ attributes, such as consistently tight spreads, rapid market execution, institutional-grade liquidity, and an award-winning multilingual Customer Support Team.

Key Features of TradingView Include:

Unmatched Charting Capabilities: Suited for both beginners and advanced traders.
Large Social Trading Community: Boasting more than 50 million users.
Custom Indicators and Strategies: Users can design their own using TradingView’s Pine Script programming language.
Validation Tools: The option to validate trading ideas through TradingView’s bar-by-bar replay function.
Comprehensive Data: Access to a wide selection of fundamental data.
Real-time Global News Coverage: Keeping traders informed about market-moving events.
Versatile Accessibility: Available on Web, Browser, and Mobile devices.
To initiate their TradingView journey at FP Markets, clients can easily open a live Trading Account and create a TradingView Account. Once both accounts are established, clients can seamlessly link them, unlocking the potential to utilize TradingView for trading on the FP Markets platform. This integration is poised to elevate the trading experience, offering traders a comprehensive suite of tools to maximize their potential in the financial markets.

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