• IC Markets successfully collaborated with Bloomberg Media Studios for Season 4 of the award-winning business podcast ‘IC Your Trade’.
  • The podcast features in-depth discussions with top industry experts, providing valuable insights into market trends and opportunities.

Leading Australian FX and CFDs broker IC Markets has renewed its partnership with Bloomberg Media Studios for Season 4 of the acclaimed business podcast ‘IC Your Trade.’ The series has gained global recognition for its in-depth discussions with industry leaders on market trends and opportunities.

Featuring guests like Bruce Lee (CEO of Keebeck Wealth Management), Dr. Pippa Malmgren (Former Adviser to President George W. Bush), and Ken Lek (Head of Strategic Finance at Grab), ‘IC Your Trade’ garners praise for its long-form analysis. Season 4 is underway, tackling topics like SuperApps, AI, and the space race.

The podcast has received industry awards and continues to attract listeners seeking insightful market perspectives. Global Head of Digital Currencies at Standard Chartered Bank, Eric M. Pascal, praised the podcast’s deep-dive format.

New episodes of ‘IC Your Trade’ are released biweekly on the IC Markets YouTube Channel, Apple Podcasts, Amazon, Google Podcasts, and Spotify.

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