• IC Markets CEO Andrew Budzinski becomes UAE resident, after residing in Cyprus and acquiring citizenship through its golden visa program.
  • Dubai’s growing appeal for FX/CFD industry: CMC Connect, Plus500, and eToro have set up offices or obtained regulatory licenses in the region, citing tax advantages and strategic location.

IC Markets founder and CEO Andrew Budzinski has transitioned to become a UAE resident.

Budzinski, originally from Australia, was previously residing in Cyprus and seems to have acquired citizenship through the country’s golden visa program.

Dubai has emerged as an appealing location for the FX/CFD industry, attracting various companies like CMC Connect, Plus500, and eToro, which have established offices or obtained regulatory licenses in the region.

Beyond tax advantages, the UAE serves as a strategic hub for broker operations due to its central location bridging Europe, Asia, and Africa, facilitating efficient management across diverse jurisdictions.

Moreover, the region’s tax benefits and quality of life have enticed many executives to relocate, especially amidst rising taxes and property costs in European countries, coupled with challenges in public services.

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