eToro, the leading social trading platform, has welcomed back Naomi Rarmani as the Head of Compliance Operations. Rarmani, a seasoned professional in the fintech industry, brings a wealth of experience in compliance and operational management to her new role.

Rarmani’s career journey has been marked by her versatility and expertise in various compliance and operational roles.  Before taking on this new position at eToro, she served as a Compliance Manager at Rapyd, where she demonstrated her skills in regulatory compliance and risk management.

Prior to that, she held a Compliance Officer role at Fundbox, where she played a crucial role in ensuring regulatory adherence. Rarmani earlier stint at eToro saw her rise through the ranks, from Customer Care Representative to Compliance Team Leader, showcasing her leadership abilities over a span of nine years.

Her diverse skill set also includes experience in quality control, language management, and community management, reflecting her adaptability in various domains. In her return to eToro, Rarmani expressed enthusiasm about taking on the role of Head of Compliance Operations.

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