Spotware discharges cTrader PC 4.6.5

Fintech association Spotware Systems has delivered cTrader Desktop 4.6.5, offering an array of upgrades and fixes. The list of improvements concerns memory administration of Automate logs. Also, a switcher was added making precise profits calculation in backtesting optional.

The following arguments were fielded:

omens getting delayed by one bar on every pause in Visual Backtesting
Row selection changing to the best pass after clicking ‘Apply’ button in Optimization.

A cBot will now continue running even if an unhandled irregularity occurs. Additionally, algo developers can now handle such errors using a new “OnException” method in Automate API.Users can now choose the preferred action for the mouse wheel on charts: zoom in/out or scroll.

Local depository is a suitable way to save data on a user’s computer without requesting full access, even if cBots and indicators stop or start afresh.


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