In a move to enhance FX liquidity services, 4OTC, a provider of low-latency connectivity services for Digital Assets and FX, has announced the integration of LMAX Exchange, a leading institutional exchange for global FX, with its Libre Liquidity Bridge service. This collaboration allows Liquidity Providers to seamlessly stream FX liquidity on LMAX Exchange venues with ultra-low latency.

Libre, the connectivity service provided by 4OTC, establishes a robust connection to LMAX Exchange’s execution venues across major financial centers, including London, New York, Singapore, and Tokyo. The integration aims to streamline connectivity management for LMAX Exchange, attracting increased liquidity to the exchange and minimizing onboarding time for new Liquidity Providers.

4OTC specializes in providing technology solutions to address challenges faced by Liquidity Providers, OTC trading desks, and exchanges in both the FX and Digital Asset markets. The Libre service, as part of this collaboration, offers co-located connectivity to multiple Liquidity Providers and venues engaged in trading Digital Assets and FX.

Daniel Karakanna, Head of Liquidity Management and Analytics, EMEA, at LMAX Exchange, emphasized the importance of liquidity quality and depth across all exchanges. He noted, “The connectivity with 4OTC’s Libre service will enable more Liquidity Providers to price on LMAX Exchange execution venues, as well as leverage our distribution scale and global exchange infrastructure.”

Mark Price, Co-Founder of 4OTC, highlighted the synergy between 4OTC’s expertise in ultra-low latency connectivity and LMAX’s focus on performance, making the collaboration a formidable match for the Libre service. The successful partnership is poised to contribute to a more efficient and liquid FX trading environment.

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