• Webull Canada now offers interest on uninvested cash, allowing Canadian investors to earn passive income on idle funds.
  • The new feature addresses the growing demand for investment platforms that provide benefits beyond traditional trading options.

Webull Canada, a popular digital investment platform, announced a new cash management solution aimed at attracting Canadian investors. This feature offers competitive interest rates on uninvested cash, currently 4% for Canadian dollars (CAD) and 3% for US dollars (USD).

The move caters to growing investor demand for platforms that provide value beyond traditional trading. Webull Canada seeks to help users maximize their returns by offering interest on funds that would otherwiseremain idle.

“Webull empowers Canadian investors by providing a unique opportunity to earn passive income on interest,” said Michael Constantino, CEO of Webull Securities (Canada) Limited. “Our cash management tool is an innovative solution that has seen success in the U.S., and we’re excited to bring it to Canadian investors.”

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